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The 3 P’s to become a Great Singer

The 3 P’s to become a Great Singer are: Plan, Prepare, Practice

If you ever want to become a great singer or performer it is a “must have” to have these 3 P’s.

The first P is to Plan
For instance, whenever I am invited and scheduled to go sing somewhere, I don’t just sit around doing nothing and wait for that day and show up to sing. I plan what I am going to sing. I gather the songs and decide on which ones are the best to perform. I plan ahead, including all the activities involved during the day of performance. The location I will be going, the people I will be meeting, the equipment or any other materials I will need to bring with me. The entire set has to be planned.

The second P is to Prepare
I prepare myself and identify the songs I will be singing. If I have been invited to sing or to lead a congregation in singing, I cannot just show up during the service and start leading people but I would have to prepare myself first. Hence meet with some of the other musicians to prepare what we will be singing and how we will be singing.

The third P is to Practice
Once I get to know the songs I will be singing then I will be spending most of my other time practicing the songs. Prior to the day of the event my practice time would increase to ensure that I am all set to perform at the event and I am certain that the way I am singing is right. I practice the songs I will be singing – with both my voice and with the instruments.

When you plan, prepare and practice; then the musical event will turn out great to a point of moving and inspiring the audience, and they will then comment on how they enjoyed and were blessed with the musical presentation.