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I have always been inspired by Sarah’s music. It ministers deeply to many people’s hearts and more so to the heart of God. Sarah’s music reaches out to people of all ages. She is a great asset to the Kingdom of Christ through bringing to us God’s word in well arranged music which impacts many lives. Her music is rich and very relevant to our Christian lives today. May God continue to use Sarah in building His kingdom.
Esther Waweru

Thank you so much Sarah for recording those wonderful gospel songs. I listen to them to and from work and they have been a great source of encouragement. I can tell you for sure that I always live on the winning side because every time the devil tries I sing that song (Living on the winning side) to him and the victory has been so great.

I live a Joshua and Caleb life with that song every day of my life and God has been faithful.

Keep singing and encouraging the other youth that there is good life in Christ and the opposite is true. There is no life outside of Christ only short lived pleasures which leave an everlasting scar.
You have truly blessed me. God bless.
Eunice Magira
Toronto, Canada

Singer, songwriter, musician and recording artist Sarah, is a delight to know and listen to as she ministers through her God gifted, anointed singing. A lovely lady who is serious in her walk and talk for the Lord and Saviour about whom she sings so melodiously. Her CDs and DVDs are in 3 languages (Swahili, Kikuyu and English.) Her unique African rhythms will not only; encourage you, inspire you, uplift you, and bless your ears, but also make your heart (and feet) want to dance. I’ve had Sarah sing at every concert I organized over the past several years that I’ve known her. I’m never disappointed with her performances, and neither will you be. Sarah, your music is loved!
Walter Kohut

I have had the opportunity of listening to Sarah’s music, and Sarah is a very talented composer and musician; her tenacity and drive are evident in her music which attests to her clear sense of purpose, and is an inspiration to very gospel music lover.
Geoffrey Ndungu

I knew Sarah Kariuki in the year 2003, and ever since we have been in contact the fact that we praise God through music. Sarah is widely known as a Gospel singer, she has sang in Retreats, in various churches, during Bereavement prayers, in weddings and other functions among others to name just but few. I personally practiced and recorded with Sarah her first CD “YESU ANIONA” I remember we used to meet and practice and make sure that it’s at the standard needed. Sarah has travelled to various parts of the world singing and praising God with her music talent. Keep good work Sarah and may God Bless you as you continue ministering in music.
Brother Johnstone Kwendo Ndugu

Sarah sings with great heart. Her exhilarating message of hope is carried by her fine, strong voice. She encourages me to keep on trying to be a better person.
Una M. Coghlan

Sarah, you have been a blessing to myself and others around me, especially in the greater Kenyan community in the diaspora and back at home! Listening to your spirit-filled music when I am on the road driving my truck makes the kilometres seem like a few metres. When at home, your DVD’s are such a blessing in lifting our spirits around our dinner table. Specifically, ‘Rugamai tugoce Mwathani’ gets me to stand up and sing and praise God! God bless you.
Mesheck Muniu

Sarah, I appreciate your music. I have listened to your music/songs and seen/watched your DVD. They are all amazing and fulfilling. It is good to use your God given talent of playing guitar to sing praises to Him. What I have come to like about your music/songs is that, the words are encouraging and give really meaning of worship. Your songs themselves are rich and deep, covering a wide range of topics and emotions, dealing with everything from corporate history of God’s redemption of us (Israel) to your most intimate and personal pain. In that sense, your songs speak to us because, though as a church we are part of the long history that goes back to Israel, we also are individuals with our own private pain. Your songs are a blessing in that regard. Therefore I am looking forward to be listening to the many songs that I hope you will be writing/composing and producing. Best wishes Sarah. Thanks.
Elijah M.

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  1. This is marvelous Sarah am David am in Nakuru am interested to get this Cd which contain song called’ sifa zako zi kinywani mwangu’

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