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2 Reasons to Give Thanks

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! And, give thanks to the Lord for his love endures forever. Think about his love, think about his goodness and it’s hard to describe all of it. We tend to remember the struggles and pain we’ve encountered in life and tend to forget his love and goodness to us. Take some time today to reflect on God’s goodness and love towards you.

I am always amazed when I think about the goodness of the Lord. He is so good to us no matter the things we do against him as humankind, his goodness never changes. We break his commandments all the time, and many other times we don’t even follow his rules but he is still good to us.

God is so good – He has given me life, I can breathe, I can move and I can do whatever I want to do only because of Him! When I am down he lifts me up and when I face difficulties, he is always there for me and that is why I am praising him.  He is good because he meets me to the point of my need and he is the source of my supply. Anytime I have a need and I call on him, he always provides. He is good because he has given me work to do, he has blessed me with a place to stay and I am in good health. I will rejoice always for all his goodness. When you think about the goodness of the Lord – one is able to talk about it from personal experiences and a strong belief that God is good. If you take God as a good God no matter what you are going through in life, he will always remain good to you. I am grateful to him that I can share and tell others of his goodness and what he has done to me. God is good!

God is love and his love endures forever. His love towards us is unconditional. As humans, we tend to put conditions towards each other. If you do this I will do this for you and if you don’t do this I will not do that for you. God is not like man. God’s love offered his son Jesus to save mankind.  There’s so much sin committed in our world today than the years past. Yet still, God still loves us and his love endures forever.