Those that wait on God have hope, and this is hope that does not disappoint. Their strength get renewed every day because they are certain of their belief in God. When we are waiting, many times we get tired and weary. We complain the wait is taking so long. We get discouraged to a point of giving up hope. But waiting can be a test on whether one fully trusts in God who is the maker of everything in the universe. He gives power to the weak and when we stumble and fall, he lifts us up to keep on with the life journey again.

What is it you have been waiting for? And, how long have you waited for that you have been seeking for? In terms of time, it can appear to have taken a very long wait. But in God’s timing, a thousand days are like one day. God can transform things around and pay someone a hundred fold for the times lost while waiting for an answer. He is a gracious God and he’s the only one who can renew our strength when we get tired while waiting.

Waiting may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. As the clock continues to tick and you walk a very long journey that you feel like fainting, just wait a little bit more if the answer has not come. Soon there will be sunshine, the darkness will go and the morning will come. It’s very refreshing when you receive an answer to something you have waited for so long. We cannot understand the way God does his work. How some people get on the line and are served quickly, while others wait for so long. Yet we all come into this world the same way but we live differently. Wait, because something good is on its way. Wait until it comes.

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